Welcome to Trae Fuels

Trae Fuels is a 72-acre operating Pellet Mill and Chip Mill with an ideal location in Central Virginia.   Having this location gives Trae Fuels ample opportunity to utilize the Shipping Port and Rail systems that are on the East Coast. 

The Company’s vision today is to build and integrate a series of complete supply-chains from sourcing feedstock, processing it and then transforming it into pellets, thereby stripping out costs and ensuring predictability in delivering consistent quality pellets at high volume to our biomass customers, which can help lower carbon footprint.

As of the beginning of 2014 there are over 140 Pellet Manufactures in the US, and out of those, there are only 12 Pellet Manufactures that are ENPlus Certified, Trae Fuels is 1 out of those 12 Pellet Manufactures.   The ENPlus certification system guarantees the consumer they are receiving a quality pellet.