Our Environmental Role

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Going Green: A Sustainable Future
Coal remains the foundation of most of the world’s base-load electric power and heat capacity. It is abundant, cheap relative to other alternatives, widely available geographically, with a significant utility customer installed base around the world.

In light of the changing global regulatory environment, we are here to offer a timely renewable solution to our customers who are leading the paradigm shift toward reduced GHG emissions in their efforts to “go green”.

Environmental Benefits of Co-Firing
For every ton of coal that is displaced with wood pellets…
• CO2 emissions are reduced by 2 tons
• Hg emissions are eliminated
• HCL emissions are eliminated
• SO2 emissions are reduced by 120 lbs (unscrubbed)
• Ash productions is reduced by 180 lbs
• Lime and H2O purchases are reduced (if scrubbed)
Technical Advantages of Pellet Co-Firing
•   Achieve immediate RPS credits with existing assets
•   Use a fuel source that blends with all types of coal
•   Significantly lowers carbon footprint
•   Unlike other renewable sources, biomass is 100% dispatchable

Carbon Footprint Whitepaper by WoodFuels
WoodFuels Carbon Footprint Analysis:
WoodFuels has developed a white paper that analyzes the carbon footprint of delivering wood pellets via rail. Let us know what you think!